The 8 week Novice Dog Training Classes are the first great step to mutual fun, bonding and respect between you and your dog.  Your first week will be orientation “teaching you to train your dog”.  You will also be provided a list of what you need to bring for the course, the do’s, the don’ts, plus an overview of the method we employ.  Get started by filling out the request for services here.

You can also contact us for class start dates, prices and more informtaion via text and email. We always have upcoming classes.

Text Nikki @ 905-650-5422


We look forawrd to hearing from you!



Getting Started

Use the request for services button or fill in the contact form and we will be right back to you.  We will start with the orientation, then the training starts with private or class lessons.  A fun bonding experience for you and your dog.  We recommend classes as it starts your dog  to socialize.  Join us.

Novice Classes will teach the basic steps

  • Sit at Heel
  • Release command
  • Heeling
  • Down at Heel
  • Sit to be Pet
  • Sit – Stay
  • Down stay
  • Recall (Come) – the most important command

Novice Classes

Novice training classes are always starting so you can come to the classes that suit your schedule best.