Advanced Classes are also scheduled at various times each week. We train at the school as well as multiple outside public locations for distractions and real life. Monthly memberships available which allow you to come when your schedule allows, email for more information.

Novice and Intermediate course completion required

Monday @ 6:30pm

Thursday @ 5:45pm

Sunday @ 1pm

Heeling off leash (with all turn and speed changes)
Sit in motion
Down in motion
Stand in motion
Recall from distance 20-30 feet
Recall with hand signal only
Recall from release command
Recall over food distration
Sit on Recall
Stand on Recall
Down on Recall
Recall Out of Sight
Sit Stay out of sight 5 minutes
Sit Stay food refusal 5 minutes
Stand stay 3 minutes
Down stay 10 mintues
Down stay out of sight 5 minutes
Down stay food resual 10 minutes
Sit – verbal only from heel
Down – verbal only from heel
Stand – verbal only from heel
Sit – hand signal only from in front
Down – hand signal only from in front
Stand – hand signal only from in front
Stand – hand signal only from heel
Finish – hand signal only
Finish – verbal only
Place command
Stand for exam
Swing finish
Back step
Side step
Recall from the line no leash